Exchange 2007 - Part 2 or PrepareAD

. Monday, March 17, 2008

After last Part I thought, well I hit problems and I resolved them !!
Bow before me since I'm you root :) , but my happiness was short. After /PrepareSchema, next Step towards building Exchange is /PrepareAD and this is there I'm right now.
Basically during this part I get this entry in Log file:

[3/14/2008 2:20:40 PM] [1]
[ERROR] Active Directory operation failed on
The object 'CN=Default Global Address List,CN=All Global Address Lists,CN=Address Lists Container,CN=xxxxxxxxxx,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=xxxxxxxxxxx,DC=com' already exists.

After some research I found this article: but changed my scope of interest to Default Global Address List.
However later this proved to futile and I got same error message.
After even more careful examination I suddenly discovered interesting fact: Our company Default Global Address List (DGAL from now on) was renamed and I can't rename it since I get another wierd error:





Time to call to Microsoft

Yesterday after almost 5 hour call to Microsoft support, solution was found and Exchange is installed!
Running smooth as silk, not in production yet since few finishing touches are needed.
Basically in ADSIEdit somehow Global Address List had Everyone - DENY -
Wow, If I ever find out fool who did what, guess what expects him ! Yarrr