Just another BSA's rant about so called "easy"

. Monday, April 28, 2014

After only 3 years break - I need another public rant is in order

Nothing drives me off the wall faster than someone none IT asks me to do something and adds - it's very easy. Especially then I never done it or very rarely do that.

If its so easy, why the heck you ask me to do it?? Do it yourselves - I am no longer bored - far from it...

The worst part is in fact the "application" I was a bunch of complex scripts wrapped around an semi-amateur made executable package.

Does this sounds "easy" to you yet? Now lets throw in the fact the installer is officially no longer supports windows XP, which most of our office pc's still running.

Of course it wasn't smooth and I had to do it several times till the installer started to run clearly and the end it worked as it should. Remember I just said - the OS I am installing it on XP is not officially supported?

Never truly easy and like always the devil is in the details and users often always will forget that.