How to migrate VMWare ESXi boot LUN and RDM to a new SAN system using free tools

. Monday, October 14, 2019

Disclaimer: Use this at your own risk. I provide no guarantees that this will work for you or set your SAN/VMWare ablaze. I suggest to test it with less risky resources.

To copy ESXi boot lun you'll need two ESXi hosts. Host #1 Source. Host #2 - assist host.

  • Put one in maintenance mode and ensure that this host has one throw away powered off the virtual machine.
  • Mount the boot from the old system you wish to clone/copy with a known Lun ID (let's say 7)
  • Mount the blank LUN (same sized) from a new SAN also with known Lun ID (let's say 8)
  • Re-scan storage adapter (skip VMFS discovery for the quicker process)
  • SSH to the ESXi host in maintenance mode 
  • I generally like to browse to the folder of temp VM.
  • Issue two commands: 
    esxcfg-mpath -L |grep L7 
    esxcfg-mpath -L |grep L8
  • Make a note of "naa." device IDs for both LUNs - you will need them in a second

  • vmkfstools -z /vmfs/devices/disks/naa.of_source_lun   /vmfs/volumes/location _of_temp_ vm/name_of_lun_to_clone.vmdk
  • vmkfstools -i /vmfs/volumes/location _of_temp_ vm/name_of_lun_to_clone.vmdk  -d rdm:/vmfs/devices/disks/naa.of_destination_lun   name_of_lun_to_clone2.vmdk

DO NOT RESCAN storage yet or you will cause a purple screen!

Disconnect both luns from 2nd host, connect the new Lun to the source host as LUN ID 1

change boot policy on the host to boot from new LUN
reboot it validate boot

you're done.

How to fix: Chrome, Firefox, and other Apps force close/crash on printing to Canon MF8xxx printer

. Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hot Damn, I love the internets. This particular issues had been haunting me since forever or more accurately since I've installed windows 10 os. Especially embarrassing for IT guy to have it lingering around for so long!

Fear no more, as I've found the solution and it's stupidly simple to do.
  • Click the Windows button
  • Click Settings
  • Click Devices
  • Select printer (ie Canon MF8300 Series UFRII LT)
  • Click the Manage button
  • Click Printer Properties
  • Device Settings tab
  • Change “Spooling at Host:” from “Auto” to “Enabled”
  • Click Apply, then OK
That's it! No more apps crashing!
Credit goes to these helpful strangers: 

TripAdvisor Reviews are dead to me

. Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ok, So I already vented about my experience with a certain hotel in Barbados which I decided to stay at for almost two weeks based on purely on Trip "Advisor"'  great reviews. What a MASSIVE mistake it was...
See these posts:

But I don't want to continue to beat dead horse and despite what clearly there are hundreds of fake Positive reviews on TA for that hotel and seems to be many other establishments in Barbados, TA is in complete denial and refuses to take any action (expecting me to provide hard proof - which would be impossible to get without analyzing network traffic or a whistle-blower). In short only negative reviews are investigated and much more likely to get removed over the slightest perceived violation.

And the vendors seem to be fully aware of this - they bombard themselves (or pay 3rd party) with hundreds if not thousands of fake positive reviews. This way, my what was originally 3-star review (or 2 - TA removed both), would be fully drowned. I had to take a stand and make it one star and GUESS WHAT - 25 other people agreed with me. Almost no other review has attracted so many "agree" or helpful votes, yet TA refuses to implement to sort by helpfulness like Amazon does.
Imagine how embarrassing that would have been if most helpful reviews on the top are super negative ones. I imagine since TA is now in the business of booking hotels (and collecting fees from bookings) - that would seem to be counter-productive and doesn't anyone else feels like since they are now a fully booking agency - they can not be seen anymore as interdependent 3rd party reviews site like Yelp for example???

Speaking of Amazon reviews - they are much less tolerant of any fake or low-quality reviews, but they are not perfect - Luckily there is a great site to help to analyze the average quality of reviews and provide an adjusted score. - Unfortunately, it only works on Amazon reviews, not TA's, but I hope they expand to it sooner or later.

And now let's talk about the crown jewel and main reason for this post - it's the new "invention" by TA -

"Review collected in partnership with this hotel" 

How this works: Hotel sends a batch of email addresses to TA. TA sends out a request for a review for all of them. So far so good.
Now interesting bit is here: The hotel apparently gets the right to approve or deny a review to be published or not. Read MizN2u's post here (click in image for original size)

Anyone else sees an issue with that?

Bottom line: If you have no other source of reviews for hotel or restaurant but TA's - read only 2-3 star reviews, since there is much higher chance of fake 4-5 star reviews.

For nostalgic reasons I visited another travel reservation & reviews site: VRBO.
The only time I did use it it was purely based on price and review. Which were just as they are now - flawless. It's curious since I clearly remember leaving a 3-star review and arguing with managers of property on why I did so. It's wasn't that terrible, but they were issues and one biggest one is house located next to a pond. Think about it. House in St. John USVI next to large standing water pond. What could go wrong?

I didn't have exact URL handy so I just browsed for it, vaguely remembering it's location on the map.
We stayed late summer 2012. and here's the house I stayed in it: Notice anything wrong? Where's my 3-star review - nowhere to be found? Would VRBO remove it without notifying me ?? I was skeptical and then I figured lest look for it in my email and here it is:

Oh, listing not found you say... It's like almost owners of the property decided to remove the listing, add it as a new one, post few fake reviews and move on. I wonder how many times they and other listings have done so...
Luckily internet doesn't forget:

Notice these are the same photos of the house.

Update 2:

And Now I know reviews are not the only place where TA uses a heavy hand and ruthless censorship.

I found a forum thread called "Flawed review moderation". Sorry, can't provide the link as the whole thread was deleted. In it, I and others had complained about inconsistent at best TA review moderation.
I had added my own thoughts, actual experiences, and even suggestions. I had not one, but two TA's forum little helpers provide their counter from replies like "You seem to be confusing TA with Yelp hold-down reviews" to gems like we will moderate (or remove) review only if we have facts to show otherwise. Meaning libel is not the only reason for review moderation (far from it)

Pure gold, no matter how you look at it.

Again - DO NOT TRUST TRIP "ADVISOR" reviews. They are WIDE open to manipulation. Management and staff badly fail to acknowledge this. And why would they - Good reviews drive more sales and since TA had entered biz of selling hotel bookings - didn't anybody thought that is a CLEAR conflict with the original idea Independent Travel reviews source?
They refuse to do even basic and minor improvements like adding new reviews sort-by option - like by Helpfulness count. This measure alone could help drastically to reduce impact bad players (like reviews per pay)

I don't even know why I bothered. Here is the proof btw:

Last Update:  After long and useless attempts to show a way to TA to improve here:

I was suggested to open a new thread which I did here:
Oh, where's the first post you may ask - what do you talk about, you say. Well, Thanks to googling it could still retrieve it and here it is. This would be my very last attempt to help them in any way:


Help Us Make TripAdvisor Better
Ok, So we had quite a lengthy discussion in this thread about an allegation of TA review censorship.
I didn't open a new topic to discuss the same question I had raised there and the bottom line is - regardless of review content or rating, as long as it doesn't violate TA's (IMO pretty vague guidelines) it will stay. and typically it does. Subject matter fully closed.
My issue with such low quality (always positive and possibly fake) reviews are flooding many properties. Possibly on payment from owners, but this is near impossible to prove.
I received many suggestions from regulars which come down to something like - "I have no problems reading hundreds and hundreds of reviews, across many pages and dedicate a copious amount of time for that and I can easily spot useful vs non-useful reviews"
Maybe all the people who provided me with such answer have too much time in their lives (they all have multiple thousands of forums posts counts each).
But there is must be a better way. An easier and quicker way to spot higher quality reviews from no so much.
Now I know that fighting this issue is not easy. No one has a simple answer, but there are attempts of doing so in various ways - From requiring the real name, to simply using two little buttons - Helpful review Yes/No and then sort by helpfulness (like Amazon Top sort) to some custom and fancy algorithms, like does.
A simple sorting by helpfulness might not be a cure-all, but if used smartly may be a huge improvement.
well over 5500 reviews. I dare any regular to form a conclusive opinion about it in a timely manner.
Now, this is a bold and you may consider inconclusive and purely personal opinion statement, but be warned (again IMO) that all 2500 5 star reviews are all wrong. 4 stars I would think is a polite way to rate, 3 would be more honest. 1-2 are just angry folk.
This does not rule of the land. I stayed in honest 4 and 5 stars (not AAA stars, but what we could consider 5 stars) resorts in various places, so yes - I know ok from a good place.
Again, I wish some sort of system on TA to allow someone else to come to the same conclusion without reading thousands of reviews or wasting money and time staying there.
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Another sad case of abusing DMCA system

. Monday, March 14, 2016

A bit of insight into Synology or why it does not fit into enterprise (yet?)

. Saturday, October 3, 2015

So we have a few of SMB/enterprise Synology Rackstation NAS systems. One in prod - technically ok, though the performance is nothing to write home about, one still in a box and last one went out too far away state remote office to be used as storage for VMs on VMWare host.

The issues started with unit freezing once every few months - ok - so far no big deal, then it's once a month and now it won't stay online more than 15 minutes.

Long story short - the support is proven to be utterly useless, but that's not even the point of my post.

What I would like to do is to quote an email from the company insider, after LARGE retailer (think billions in sales) reached out to them.

For future reference, Synology technical support is available Monday-Friday 7am-4pm Pacific time. We do not yet have the capability to troubleshoot and resolve complex triage cases in real time. We do not offer any SLA or guarantee of 24x7x4 resolution or similar. Our system engineers are based out of our office in Taiwan and are not available 24/7.

I understand that this is not good news for this situation, but I want to make sure our current support scope is understood so we can keep expectations realistic.

If the situation is urgent, I strongly recommend to fail over to whatever business continuity strategy you have in place for disaster recovery situations until Synology support can resolve the issue.

I could not say it better myself.....

And before anyone says they don't target lucrative enterprise storage, let me bring this quote from RS18016xs+ product description page:

With superior performance and hardware specifications, RS18016xs+ provides a reliable, scalable, and easily managed network attached storage solution for enterprises seeking uninterrupted service and comprehensive business applications.

Does anyone sees an issue with these two things??