How to block all ads on iPhone/iPad without Jailbreaking and free (mostly)

. Friday, February 3, 2023

I promise I don't make a dime here. I tested this method, and it does work. While it works just fine for the most part, like with any ads-blocking system, you should expect some occasional glitches or tweaking required. You could get some of these blocking done using the Brave browser, but this method also works in any app, including free2play apps/games.
With this out of the way, let's go meat and potatoes:

  • Install from Apple's App store NextDNS app
  • On the iPad/iPhone, go to settings/general/VPN, DNS, & Device Management.
  • Find and click on "DNS" Change from Automatic to NextDNS
  • Go to web and register (free) for a new account
  • Once complete, write down your Endpoint ID (6 characters)
  • Click on the privacy tab and add ad blocklists. I added about 10 or so. Any less would work just as well. I had to remove one to fix one specific issue later on.
  • Back on your mobile device, open the NextDNS app, and enable it. Click on three dots in a circle to get to the options. Toggle "Use Custom configuration" and fill in the Configuration ID from earlier (see it on as just ID)

Enjoy your ads-free experience.
NextDNS is free up to 300k DNS calls per month; with a single device, it would be nearly impossible to reach, but if you use it at home with 5-10 devices, that number is much easier to reachable.