Symantec Ghosting HP 6715b - How to Create image

. Friday, March 7, 2008

Today I had to create a ghost image of HP 6715b Laptop and spent about two-three hours until it finally started to work.
Here are some of my side notes
* As per numerous forum posts i decided to skip network boot option as multiple people complained it doesn't work (even if Bios says the network card is PXE capable)

  1. Create TCP/IP boot diskette w/ correct dos (NDIS 2) drivers : in my case Broadcom Netlink . * Do yourself a favor and don't change default names (like B57)
  2. Change autoexec.bat on 1st floppy -> find a line where it says Ghost.exe and change it to Ghost.exe -noide
  3. Open your GhostCast Server, Type in session name, change to "Create Image", point image file to valid volume (D:\image.gho) and click "Accept Clients"
  4. Back on laptop choose GhostCast/ Unicast/ Provide Session name you picked earlier and IP address of the machine where GhostCast server is installed.
  5. Pick partition and & or disk - Start ! :)
Good luck ghosting !