iPhone Enterprise Data Plan on AT&T Business Portal (Update)

. Friday, May 16, 2008

According to my sources, AT&T, on it's business self service portal web site recently added preparation for whole new plan options:

Enterprise data plans for iPhone!

Now, you'd ask yourself, why it would be where ? iPhone data plan is only $20 addition to voice plan and why it'll be different options for Enterprise, or for that matter, since iPhone doesn't support enterprise email servers ??!! The answers to both questions quite obvious to me :

1) AT&T (T) with Apple (AAPL) is about to roll out Exchange Support to iPhone based, surprisingly on Microsoft's Technology - ActiveSync 2) AT&T isn't exactly happy with fact people pay only $20 for unlimited data plan on iphone, something Apple pushed them in to and it is about to do something about it - Pricing for corporate users is going to be much closer to regular AT&T data plans from $34.99 for 4mb !! of data to $50.00 for Unlimited, and I won't be surprised if 3G Unlimited Iphone plan going to cost even more...

P.S: Update: Now I know why this info wasn't widely popular - I was 4 months late :( http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/news/comments/att-announces-iphone-business-plans/ https://www.wireless.att.com/business/iphone/?bref=IB0003j3709n1441