Why HTC Diamond Touch will fail. Update(7 - final)

. Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yes, I do know how "hip" nowadays to look for next iPhone killer, but I'm afraid HTC (PINK:HTCCF) is not even close on this one yet (unfortunately)

Lets count fingers:


  • 3mps Camera vs 2mps on iPhone
  • 3G (HSDPA and HSUPA) vs. Sluggish EDGE :(
  • VGA resolution screen (640x480 vs. 480x320)
  • GPS & AGPS capability

Ok, so far a slightly better camera, much faster data transfer, GPS and better screen resolution.


  • Running OLD Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro ??
  • Opera browser - I used it - huge improvement over WM built in IE, but still a far cry full Safari browser on iPhone
  • Talk time: 4h on HTC vs. 8h !
  • Internal Memory: 4gb vs. 8gb (or 16gb)


Nokia was the first to realize the simple truth - I (as a consumer) don't give a rat's behind if the phone called Music phone 20 times, if I can't connect my favorite headphones to it or for that matter any of 99.9% of all sold headphones which have ether standard 3.5mm or the 1/4" prosumer/Pro jack.

Nothing brings me down more that seeing by myself LG Chocolate phone on display in official Verizon store connected to regular headphones using TWO different adapters!!!
This seems to be to issue with almost all devices currently sold. Solutions suggested by manufactures is to use proprietary headphones, Bluetooth or to use adapters. I not big fan of ether solution since: a) Proprietary headphones - well, simply suck b) Bluetooth ones are mediocre in sound quality and need frequent charging c) Adapters - give me a break - i don't want to look like freak on streets.

I still remember about 3 years ago I bought Nokia 6682 phone from Cingular and no one could tell me clearly that the phone actually had pretty decent mp3/aac playback capacity and flash memory expansion slot (up to 1gb cards) since Nokia marketing people didn't put emphasis on that in their materials... but it was really bad is - 6682 didn't had 3.5mm jack - original Nokia headphones (Terribly designed) broke after normal wear & tear - adapter , which I got off eBay, broke MUCH faster - so I eventually gave up and started to look for a new phone with integrated normal audio jack eventually i ended up with iPhone, since n95 is just way to expensive and bulky, and n81/82 not even near on horizon to be sold in US (by carriers)

You may believe me or not, In my opinion not even 3G is going to save this device from Epic sales failure. What's good 3G for if your internet browser sucks and you'd probably have to cash out full 40-50$ for data plan vs. $20 on iPhone....

Update1: Imho HTC are a bit overenthusiastic about this. C'mon, selling over 2mil units in 2008 ??

Update2: Or maybe it's going to suck a bit less than I originally expected http://www.opera.com/pressreleases/en/2008/05/22_2/

Update3: And then again someone else sharing my opinion and showing video of interface http://www.akihabaranews.com/en/akiba_tv.php?pgno=1&type=news&id=15955

Update4: Another point vs. HTC is the battery life. Even on official specs looks like Diamond won't shine in that area and there are reports of short battery life on current HTC models like TYTN II aka ATT Tilt - http://www.governmentsecurity.org/forum/?showtopic=28155

Update 5: Full HTC Diamond Touch review

Update 6: It looks like I need to provide a bit of additional proof on fact I stated above: "Bluetooth ones are mediocre in sound quality".
While AD2P is step in right direction, it's still not a wire replacement.

Two links below clearly state two things : Sound quality is nice, but not great and secondly for the 1/5 of the price you can get better sound quality wired headphones.. http://www.goodgearguide.com.au/index.php/taxid;2136212600;pid;1414;pt;1 http://gear.ign.com/articles/743/743782p1.html

Update 7: One of my dear readers pointed me I need to do some updates regarding web browser and battery time. I decided to dedicate a whole new post plus addition of some new material.


Anonymous said...

My Jobs, is that you? There isn't a single valid point in your reasoning. Amazing that a device can be called a failure before it is even formally reviewed when it runs a MS office, but it predicted to be a resounding success if it is Apple, no matter how inferior the technology!

BoredSysAdmin said...

First of all device was formally reviewed (see update 5)
Secondly, the reviewer agrees with me on lack of 3.5mm jack is a major issue. btw: iPhone 3G fixed the issue and now ANY 3.5mm headphones fit it.
Short battery life and lack of FULL browser - is it enough VALID Points for you??

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why people is still using "wired" headphones at this stage of age. That's what the bluetooth AD2P for!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the battery life basically the same on the iPhone 3G? At least on the HTC, you can swap out batteries with a spare. As for FULL browser, last I checked the iPhone does not support Flash. How is that a full browser?

BoredSysAdmin said...

Dear Anon,
I'd like to address your points in update (7)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed I got a whole update 7 in response.

On the positive side, I think you did an awesome job pulling together the stats side-by-side. To that respect, your time and effort is much appreciated.

That said, I need to go back and agree with anon poster #1 (not me) who failes to understand why the facts need to be hidden among all the bs MS sucks Apple is great. From the specs, especially since many (including Flash support on iPhone) are purely rumor at this point, your comment that the two devices aren't close is... well.. not even close. The talk time on 3G is 30 minutes apart. The standby time is almost identical. You highlight 2G talk time differences, which I would need to see to believe given the similarity in batteries and the alignment between the other battery stats.

Regardless, not sure what your measure of failure is, but I would certainly not call the HTC Diamond a failure based on any of the stats you listed.

As far as # of handsets go, Apple has a tiny share of market to date. The 3G iPhone is supposed to change the world, but they are clearly struggling with even the basics. Copy/paste, video camera, tethering (all notably missing from your specs)... are all outside the skillset of Apple developers. These basics and others have been in WM for years.

Anyway, for me its between these two devices. I think the iPhone looks cool. I think it is simple, which can be good or bad. On the other hand, it will not do everything I need, and that is dissapointing. The HTC touch, on the other hand, will do everything I need, just not as sexy, and not as simple.

While the iPhone is doing a fantastic job generating hype, and presented a handful of features exptremely well. Its the hundreds of features not yet in the device that eventually turn it into the same bogged down buggy piece of shit that WM has become. But until it has all the features users are requesting (like WM does), it isn't a fair comparison.

BoredSysAdmin said...

I didn't really expected such long and detailed post, so thanks for taking a time to write it.
All I can answer is just been posted here: http://mashable.com/2008/06/25/iphone-killers/

p.s: If you are interested use the link to write me and I can make you author on this blog if you are interested.

Unknown said...

I think HTC and its Diamond Touch are awful...deserve to fail...i bought my phone for around £400 in Malaysia...will it work fine in the UK?...yes they say, no problem...rubbish...apart from the fact that i hate the phone...every time i had some faults (many of them) i end up with some loonytune from HTC tech support telling me that it's an issue as i bought my phone in Malaysia and have the temerity to want to use it over here in the UK.....so i am now happily sitting with my iPhone and sadly (for Vodafone) had to switch to O2....shame Vodafone's service was quite good....