Microsoft to support Windows XP until 2014

. Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Microsoft has sent a letter to customers saying that it will extend critical support for Windows XP until 2014, three years longer than is usual.

The company also pledged that its next operating system, Windows 7, will be available by 2010.

In the meantime OEMs will be able to supply systems with Windows XP preloaded as a 'downgrade' until 31 January 2009.

Given that Microsoft usually supports operating systems for only 10 years after their launch, the move can be seen as an admission that it is expecting some businesses not to bother upgrading to Vista.

"Windows Vista is a very significant step forward, but our customers have made it clear that they want broader support for devices and applications in order to enjoy the overall experience," says the letter from Bill Veghte, senior vice president of the Microsoft Windows Business Group.



Anonymous said...

I ve been using Windows Xp for last 5 yrs.....I ve loved it..though I ve installed Windows Vista also but I often used Windows XP.....
I wud definitely love to use Windows 7 .....lets see wat it brings ..