Monday Smartphones Recap

. Monday, June 9, 2008

So Lets summarize some of exciting gadget news so far I gathered today. Well, beside all known expected iPhone 2.0 aka 3G to be announced at WWDC 2008 conference by Steve Jobs, couple of other gadgets managed to catch my attention:

Now is it just me or all the phone mentioned above have "something" in common?

In other news, something I almost completely missed, new smartphone from Nokia - E71. TheBoyGenius posted full review here
This one still hasn't decided what it wants to be iPhone or Blackberry clone, but most closely match Blackberry bold

TheBoyGenius just made full HTC Diamond Touch review, which I'd like to quote:

"While this isn’t specific to the Touch Diamond, we really wish HTC would reconsider their all-in-one min-USB jack. It’s great for charging and file transfers, but especially considering the media-centric appeal of the Diamond, we would appreciate a 3.5 mm headphone jack, as the current configuration limits you to the HTC-supplied headphones unless you’re willing to deal with a cumbersome adapter."

Rings a bell? Something I said back in May -
Told you so! Full review here

Speaking of HTC Diamond Touch - It's not tri-band HSDPA as you'd like to be, HTC says device will localized due to size constrains.