AT&T feels threaten by 4G [WiMax]

. Monday, July 28, 2008

The monster is begun to feels the pressure from upcoming network operator - ClearWire, which in co-operation (basically bought off) with Sprint planning to be first to deploy 4G network based on WiMax technology. This plan is heavily supported by Intel,Google, Mobile and cable operators and telecommunication manufactures

In it's latest move AT&T begun winning to FCC how "unfair" they are of letting the merger go "too easy" according to them, and should be under more scrutiny.

But what comes as surprise to me is AT&T itself and it's Alcatel-Lucent subsidiary are part of WiMax forum - So they do want access to technology, but can't stand someone doing it before them?

Speaking of WiMax Forum its consist from over 500 telecommunications and Hi-Tech companies formed with single task in mind - to crush Qualcomm monopoly, which currently basically holds patents to almost all cellphone technology including CDMA, EDGE, GPRS, WCDMA, 1x-EVDO and LTE. Also trying to claim patents on the father of Cell protocols - GSM (No so successfully)

Big players like Nokia long tired of paying , list carefully here, 5% from EACH device sold!! Doesn't matter if it's $600 Iphone of $25 El-Cheapo monoblock for emerging markets. And Nokia spent fair share of time in courts trying to ease the Qualcomm tyranny, I guess with some success.


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