Microsoft Finally Gets Clustering Right........

. Thursday, August 7, 2008

Microsoft's recent release of Windows Server 2008 and its highly anticipated improved clustering and network load balancing seems to have been worth the long wait. It appears that after years of research and dedication to the problem, building a cluster that is supposed to work as it should, has finally paid off.

In testing the clustering failover in our own dev network, we discovered a rich feature set to provide for more stability and high availability in clustered environments. The most important to my company will be the multi-site cluster technology.

We have an HA site about 15 miles away with 10Gbps fiber (*1) between them to replicate. With this new technology Microsoft has developed, we can now easily put our HA boxes in another data center. This is a feature we have never been able to have in production for lack of Microsoft's tools to cluster the servers in another site properly.

Now when IBM allows snapshot copy on a block by block level through their 2145 San Volume Controller, we will be in business!! (*2)

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(*) Editor Comments:
1 - DARN!!
2 - Netapp SnapMirror already does that :-)