New Low Reached in Hard Drive Prices !

. Monday, December 15, 2008

I've been looking at hard disk prices for sometime now but even this is kind of a big shocker - Hitachi Storage (ex- IBM) now offers 1Tb SATA 3g/b drive for $90 after rebate - that's mere 9c per 1gb !!!
Only a month ago I rarely seen prices (even on sale) less than 10-11c and that's not all, looks like PayPal running 15% off for any (single) purchase done today only!

No such thing exist as too much storage, so run and get it today or at least while the rebate is up.

While according to some user comments on Newegg site, the drive is loud and hot and have reliability issues - well - like with any hard drive the secret of long life and quite too is good cooling, I seen as WD drive which was mounted in ATX with single back fan, moved to HD heat sink encosured begun to work MUCH faster and work much quieter....

So, if you're value your data and time COOL em Drives !

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