Bored SysAdmin’s Blog Gets Google Page rank 2 !!

. Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whooo !! Please everyone raise your Champaign glasses and let me toast you guys – its was your interest and active participation.

Thank you all – occasional stumblers from Google searches, people how bookmarked my pages, stumbled-upon, spread the word in countless forum posts, included links in their own blogs, post commenters etc…

Too all people who copy&paste stuff from my blog without referencing back to me – thanks, but no thanks. Please be at least courteous to reference back to source.

Google Page Rank 2 is not much, but I think its a good start. This blog has been up almost a year now, and I can’t think of better present – well except one thing:

In right corner of the page there is Donate button and you all welcome to use it to help support the cite and allow to spend more time to improve and add new content. Even as much as $5 would be a welcome addition. As donation volume will improve I’ll consider removing advertisements from site entirely.

Thanks again to everyone and I hope I’ll still have time to blog this year.