WYSE – Worst Customer service EVER!

. Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In my day job – Sysadmin I do come across tech support frequently but the Wise guys really drive me nuts !!!! The first tech to answer the phone (after 10 hold) was complete retard and quickly escalated my seemingly simple issue to tech level 2.

Then asked when I should get reply from “level 2” –24 to 48 hours !!! O_O !!!
During the early hours morning next day I got email stating my ticket status is now “waiting for customer” ???

I assumed I got early phone call – level two tech was trying to reach me ? No such luck.

The wise guys used their online ticket status tool to ask me few support questions… Basically an online forum support ??

Who the f-k they think I am ? This is not evaluation unit – Fully paid off hardware, software (TCX) and even maintenance (? - Support ) for It – and all we get I OFFLINE, Once a day support chat? By this rate the simple issue will be resolved by next coming.

RRRRRR !!!! I SWEAR – NEVER AGAIN !!! F.U. WYSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[/RANT] Sorry

It took almost week until this simple issue was resolved by surprising call with PRE-SALES engineer.
He barely gave me half an hour but it was fruitful enough to get me going. Still far from optimal.