Blackberry Status: Service Blocked on Send Email Message

. Monday, March 31, 2008

One of our 70+ Blackberries in company (running BES of course) had a new and interesting condition just now, apparently the user just came back from b.t. in Europe. His blackberry stopped working: no new emails, on attempt to send a new ones we'd receive the famous red X and Status: Service Blocked.

Anyone cares to guess what happened? If you guess the Cell provider messed up - you got 10 points!! Before I begun to wipe the unit as my colleague suggested, I decided a quick call to AT&T wont hurt.

Guess what, to my "complete surprise" turns out that our dearest AT&T decided for us what this account from now will be a personal blackberry unit and not Enterprise as it should! Moreover I was mysteriously taken off authorized users list...

At&T Rules yet again