Creative Shows its Real Corporate Face

. Monday, March 31, 2008

Actually its a piece of news here for a change - Apparently there is a story developing about Creative. Someone named Daniel_K modified creative drivers for Vista, making them more stable and unlocking hidden features. His only fault, it seems he was accepting donations...

Of course there are few angles to look at the issue at hands, but in ether case Creative should have handled it differently - The whole practice of intentionally crippling drivers to force people buy higher end model is simply wrong anyway you look at it. Creative's fault is also pushing the limits how much crap it can drop on our (consumers) head. They forgot the power and might of todays Internet. Consumer power nowadays can bring companies on edge of bankruptcy (apple) to overwhelming success or on opposite take a look at Media Defender ....

Since I'm not a Windows Vista user, I can't add my personal experience about this matter, however one thing Creative is always pissing me off (and trust me I have/had SB products since forever) is the lack of REAL SPD/IF out on board itself!! How hard is it ?? And Don't tell the hack you can do with mono 3.5mm plug - Its NOT Real SPD/IF since voltages differs from standard.

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