IPhone accessories

. Saturday, March 22, 2008

Obviously with purchase of brand new $400 mobile toy aka iphone or in my case $200 (used) I still felt appropriate to get few accessories for it.
Stuff I already bought are : Incase Protective Cover and Power Support Anti-Glare Film.

About the protective screen - regardless it's high cost - $14.99 for a pair, imho its worth every dime.
Works fine and [edit: almost] doesn't leave a finger prints and smudges!
Now, about Incase Cover, it got decent reviews and I do like it a lot, however buyers beware - remove it and clean it every 2-3 weeks or face scratches on back of your precious toy :)

One very important issue with IPhone accessories it is it's headphones - the ones you got with it - its love / hate relation - in my case : these kind of earpieces never fitted me comfortably and second last owner simply didn't gave them to me :).

This is there I'd like a bring an important note about them - regardless the fact these a standart 3.5mm mini jack - basically SHOULD any standard headphones, Iphone ISN'T !!!
Due to design of body the connector part around the jack is very tight so make sure before picking new pair of Shure's to double check they'd fit Iphone or face using this monstrosity :