My IPhone Issues

. Thursday, March 20, 2008

One bright day about a week ago, my cousin called me and said - friend of ours got slightly used Iphone 8Gb for sale at half price - needless to say i jumped on it - worst case scenario - I can always resell it on ebay and almost double the money, but after long deliberations I decided to keep it.

As per my friend advice - "Regardless the fact I'm already AT&T customer - Iphone need different & new sim card", I went to AT&T store and bought for $27 (w/taxes) a new SIM card - Pure robbery in middle of day if you'd ask me - sim card real cost is several cents.
However, its not I had a much choice on matter. Now, Imagine my surprise then later on that day, i connected the iphone to brand new installed Itunes - It didn't prompted me for Re-Activation and only after 3 phone calls to BOTH Apple and AT&T turns out that SIM card they sold me isn't NEW at all...
Now I have to waste more time and go to AT&T store and convince them they are bunch of idiots... and get a new sim card... again
Oohh, Forgot to mention, apparently "w/o any connection" my old AT&T phone can't receive most calls and people calling me hearing - the number is not in service...

Went to AT&T store again on thursday - Success - Replaced the sim card w/o too much violence or troubles.
Apperently such problem happend quite frequently.
Now I'm proud owner of Iphone. More surely to follow