The Sign of Times: More People Adopting Online Banking

. Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Now days common folk got plenty reasons to be unhappy : from high gas prices to questionable political policies, but looks like there is at least one thing people are satisfied about and its online banking.
According to ForeSee Results survey more people start to use online banking and liking the level of convenience such service provides.

What can I say - I have long time user of such service from my bank (one of major US banks) and my 2¢ are - No wonder.
In my experience online banking service is nothing short of the most useful tool bank can provide. In our busy world instead of going to bank or calling it (after usually a long delay, being asked the same question at least twice and having pleasure chatting with thick accent speaking rep) all I need to do is open my favorite internet browser , punch in my 16 characters password (call me paranoid :) and within 1-2 mins make the bill/rent pay,transfer balances or simply look at checking and make sure there no funny business :)