How to copy files using Free LogMeIn

. Monday, April 14, 2008, a “free” alternative to Citrix’s Go To My Pc, does allow file copy with some effort. Rather complicated to setup but it works, Tested!
If you are "value oriented" like me and decided not to pay Log me in for their Pro service here is way I did it. This is not a “Hack” but rather un-elegant way around the limitation :)

Notes and Prior Requirements:
Besides you "work" and "home" pc you'll need a 2nd "work" pc.
At work a router with VPN support is needed and have active account setup and tested.

1) Open Logmein from my 2nd work pc to my home pc
2) Open (in my case Cisco) you VPN Client and establish a connection
3) Open Microsoft Remote desktop, Options->Local Resources->Disk Drives
4) Open a RDP connection to your 1st work pc by using it's internal IP address.
5) Enjoy!
You are now able to see the content of your "home" pc drives in your "work" pc's My Computer and copy files back and forward !