Step by step guide installing/Upgrading Memory/RAM on HP 6710/6715

. Saturday, April 12, 2008

Without going into smallest detail already nicely covered in HP service manual, I'll just touch few general issues:

1) This laptop supports total of 4gb of ram devided in 2 user accessible slots.
2) Memory Modules supported type are SO-DIMM DDRII PC2-5300 (667-MHz) (up to 2048 Mb)
3) Of two memory slots only one can be easily accessed on bottom of laptop. To get access to second one you'll need to look beneath the keyboard
4) You absolutely don't have to buy original HP memory modules since HP always overprices them for no other reason than branding. HP does not manufacture ram, but trust contractors like Smart Memory

This is the Service Manual for HP 6710/6715 Laptop
To replace/update bottom slot look in page 56 (64 of 172) - Expansion memory module and for other one at page 66 (72 of 172) - Internal memory module - of course for this you'll need to release the keyboard.

Good Luck!