Fix: My annoying Boot from San Issue with BL45p Blade (Update)

. Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My company recently bought 3 "new" HP blades - a nice addition for existing HP p-Class chassis. Why new in quotes - since technically the models are no longer current in HP model line, and they had to be bought from external vendor we don't usually use - but all purposes they are new for us.

BL20p G3 were pretty easy to setup as boot from out NetApp 3020 SAN, but the bl45p G1 was stubborn as an donkey.

There problem was during POST the Qlogic HBA didn't recognized the LUN and therefore , skipped on loading the HBA's bios = No boot.
However in Qlogic config utility (the CTRL-Q) I had all settings done correctly and the fiber scan shows the LUN correctly.

It took me 5 days of troubleshooting, trying different configs and getting ideas and opinions from colleagues and experts friends.

Nothing Helped! ;-(

Until a colleague given me an idea - to connect the same fiber/lun to different blade and only one as free was bl25 - despite totally different hardware (AMD vs Intel - BSOD pretty much guaranteed) it was still important test to see if its the fabric/lun/config issue. BL25 booted from lun perfectly every time (as well as BSOD every time as well)

A total surprise to me was a solution which I got from 2nd level supporter at HP after convincing them I need to escalate the issue and It's not 3rd party problem -


It looks like part of Cmos settings got corrupted, but there was no indication in bios for that....

Update: Looks like after all it was problem with bad fiber…. :(

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