Baltimore becomes the first Xohm WiMAX (4G) City

. Monday, September 29, 2008

Sprint's Xohm WiMAX service begins this morning in Baltimore, Maryland. Customers will be able to pay for daily or monthly access to the 4G wireless service without long-term contracts or usage caps.

The expected average downlink speed for the service will be 2-4 Mbps and will cost either $10 per 24-hour block of time or $35 per month for home access and $45 per month for "on-the-go." Sprint also offers multi-device packages in anticipation of future hardware availability.

The current Xohm hardware is currently limited to the desktop modem by Zyxel for $79.99, and the expresscard modem by Samsung for $59.99. A USB XOHM modem made by ZTE is listed but not yet available.

By not requiring a contract, Sprint is encouraging non-customers to test the service out to see for themselves. For a service that has thus far been difficult to establish, a strong public reaction is needed if it is to progress.


I have my own reservation about this - One one hand $15 Reduced prices for 6 months and no need for contract might help save up to $90 to price conscious Wireless internet users, but in long run prices being about same as 3G data service and about same speeds, Sprint will have a hard time for next year or so, until Intel will really start the push to include WiMax adapter in every "Centrino 3" laptop , just like they did with first generation with Wi-Fi - The "No WiFi - No Centrino Label" Policy, and Inside sources tell it'll comparable or bigger push than original platform.