How to Eject BOTH Magazines from Quantum Superloader 3 Tape Autoloader/Library

. Thursday, September 25, 2008

This time around drive inside out above mention tape library broke down and after extensive troubleshooting with, some how I felt very reluctant ,Quantum support people (with heavy south-east Asia accents aka script reading bots) they finally agreed to send onsite engineer to fix it.

How silly is was from me to assume this qualified service engineer is going to fix anything or perform onsite drive replacement. As it turns out drive in this model of autoloader - 3, CAN NOT be field replaced and quantum solution is to ship WHOLE NEW LIBRARY. Bear with me - this unit is 2U Full Length sized, holding up to 16 LTO (1/2" sized) tapes.

Now to the juicy part:

The library in its normal operation allows only one of two it's tape magazines to be ejected in same time, however new unit came w/o magazines so we need to change between them.

Reading documentation revealed nothing but short mention of mysterious "manual" removal procedure, but no mention of exactly that needs to be done.
Short phone to support lifted the mystery:

A very special tool required for a job - stainless steel ruler ! Or in lack of one I successfully used a diner/bread knife. The trick is to insert in into lower part of slot between magazine and mailslot (Look on image below) for about 3" deep, until you hear a quiet click and you'd be able to release 2nd magazine.
I'd strongly suggest you fully power down the autoloader before performing this operation.

SuperLoader 3