FCC approves Sprint & Clearwire merger. WiMAX Is GO!

. Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Despite AT&T attempts to slow or halt this merger by requesting FCC to elevate scrutiny on this deal, last night the deal was approved with 5-0 vote.
According to Clearwire & Sprint such merger is only way to make WiMax spread across planed 140 million Americans. Largely the deal, heavy supported by Intel, Google, Cisco and lots of other IT and Telecommunications heavy lifters presents loud and clear danger for Qualcomm.

Since the dawn of human kind... errr. dawn of Cellphone industry Qualcomm has been using all methods available to it's disposal to achieve basically 100% monopoly in cellphone devices chipsets. Ether legal or patent battle - Qualcomm didn't spared anything and on the road got a few major players very upset. Remember recent refusal of Nokia to pay Qualcomm royalties and after long legal battles setting down for undisclosed amount. Nokia which is by far number one manufacturer of cellphones have a pretty good reason to be upset - as Qualcomm charged 5% fee based on final device cost !!
Meaning, for example, From $600 N95, Qualcomm gets $30 from each device sold. Rather hefty price, especially in light of current tight margins due to slowing economy.

Lets hope WiMax will able to bring wireless computing to new levels , and fix some of 3G issues like disconnects in fast moving vehicles like cars and trains, faster speeds and generally more reliable connection.

Thou its still not clear about WiMax future , but one thing I can tell you - inside sources tell me, what next Intel Centrino Platform aka Centrino 3 will REQUIRE to include WiMax adapter, just like first generation required to include Wi-Fi to be certified and Intel will be throwing another HUGE marketing campaign, rival or equal of original $300 Million one.

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fm said...

Great to hear FCC approved the deal. Clearwire and Sprint have been working on this for some time and at some point in time they dropped the deal but I'm glad to hear WiMAX will finally go nation wide.

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