Verizon: Less Features+More Ads = "Best Possible online experience" ??

. Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Verizon/Yahoo! webmail and portal users begun receiving emails saying that they'll soon be seeing advertisements in their webmail as well as the elimination of some features.

The new ads, according to the alert, "allow us to deliver new and innovative services and helps us keep prices competitive." "As we remain committed to providing users with the best possible online experience," the email continues : 
"The new advertisements will be carefully integrated, with the goal of being useful to you." - Thanks ?

But the service itself is actually becoming less useful, with some of the premium services associated with Verizon/Yahoo! webmail being either changed or eliminated altogether.

Verizon website also ads, that the company is eliminating the Verizon’s LAUNCHcast Plus streaming music radio service, the "Online Protection all in one security suite" and downgrading your free Flickr Pro account to a standard Flickr account.

But don't feel bad, the email to customers informs them they're losing features in order to....gain features? huh?

[Via DSLReports]

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