New TMPGEnc XPress Uses Nvidia’s GPU to Accelerate Video Processing

. Monday, November 3, 2008


After somewhat silly named Badaboom Media converter software, which we had a chance to test earlier this year, yet another company decided to jump on GPU processing wagon.

Pegasys - maker of TMPGEnc one of original tools to convert video to mpeg 1/2 introduced new version - TMPGEnc Xpress 4.0 with Beta support for Nvidia CUDA GPU processing.
For now this software will be available only for lucky buyers of MSI 260/280 cards
(The 8800GT/GTX cards not yet supported).

The benchmarks shows a mixed bag of results:

  • On one hand, heavy processing, involving set of concurrent use of 5 filter/post-processing enables over 4.5 times boost
  • But, on the other hard , Test using simple de-interlacing and resizing was twice faster on quad core Intel processor.

Unfortunately the title of this article is about Accelerating Video Processing, not specifically encoding, and it looks like we missing the incredible video converting speeds of Bamboo media converted shown us (up to 12 times)

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