Epic Fail: IE 8 Final vs Acid 3 Test

. Thursday, March 19, 2009

20/100 - I can’t believe brand new Internet Explorer 8 such miserably fails at this test.

C’mon Microsoft – after all the talks about making new IE more internet standards compatible makes a U-turn and makes up their own standards as it goes… Microsoft - Business as usual.

Go ahead and keep doing what you always do, but ask yourself – How the heck did we (MSFT) lost 99.5% market share only a few year ago to current 66% [and dropping]

A small kudos to Microsoft – IE8 passes Acid Test 2 with flying colors – its about freaking time.

Link: Acit 3 Test

P.S: A small update – On Windows 7 beta with all latest updated, IE8 scores 21/100. Not exactly a reason for joy ether…