Windows 7 (and Vista) Accelerated Wheel Scrolling Problem

. Monday, April 6, 2009

Me and my boss decided to give Windows 7 Beta a test ride and the results are very positive for now, except very few small annoyances and one of them, like one mentioned in the title I’ll talk today.

Both Vertical and Horizontal scrolling works, but they weren’t accelerated. Not a huge deal, but once you had it working fine in Windows XP – I see no reason to give up and readjust.

It appears the problem can appear both in Logitech and Microsoft mice products and their corresponding drivers in current versions. Tweaking the settings 100 million times were fruitless, but as always solution was found on forums:

In short version the idea is to switch your mouse driver with different one.

The solution worked perfectly, with only difference – I picked the Microsoft Sidewinder mouse, which is a perfect button wise match to my Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0  mouse, so I got all buttons to work plus I didn’t loose my horizontal scrolling – which I have to admit use very rarely.

P.S: Apparently the this way around applies only for Microsoft devices and its driver. Sorry Logitech owners…

If you found different fix and/or way around – don’t be shy and share with all of us