How to print passport photo almost for free

. Friday, May 1, 2009

or How to stop overpaying money for the passport 2”x2” photos.

C’mon – we all faced it – School/University/Workplace or Government requires us to submit these 2”x2” photos and usually first place comes to mind is to visit local photo studio where you’d get charged arm and a leg for a that’s a really simple procedure and I want to show how I decided to defy the studios regime and do it myself.

Tools required:
Any point-and-shoot camera will do [shooting indoor most likely WILL require firing flash]
Any computer with any speed internet access – even dial-up will be enough

Optional tools:
Tripod for camera if you shooting yourself

Take the shot of yourself against bright background – white doors will work well.
Transfer it to computer
Open your favorite web browser (any modern version will do) and go to
Follow the steps and in end choose:
Download and Print –> Download the Passport Photo Sheet Image

Optional Step:
Open the result image in your favorite image editor – any will do, my favorite is IrfanView since it’s free and lighting fast.
ePassportPhoto will insert it’s own ad into place of 6th photo which I rather see as waste of 4”x6” photo sheet, so use simple select, copy and paste to make the sheet consist of only your photos.

Copy the result to USB Flash Drive or memory card [CF/SD will be probably more common]

Go to your nearest chain store Pharmacy [CVS/Wallgreens/Duane Reade etc..] and print this image on glossy 4”x6” – this is only place there you actually have to pay money :)

CVS charged me about $0.29 while Duane Reade whooping $0.49. Bear in mind I'm not planning to use ether to print large collection of photos – I just needed to print the passport photos right away.

Use Scissors or if you are lucky and office have on of these.

Important P.S: For some forms filled with government organizations you’d be required to use pencil to write on back of photo some details like your name etc. In my personal experience CVS uses Kodak machines and Kodak paper – it is impossible to use pencil to write on back of photo – while Duane Reade used Sony photo printer and Sony Paper and it is perfectly OK to write with pencil.