Samsung NC20 – Ideal Netbook? (Updated)

. Friday, May 8, 2009

So, How’s exactly 12” screen sized netbook differs from MUCH more expensive 12” Ultra Portable Laptop?

Two Major differences: Weaker processor and less memory.

With first limitation – there isn’t anything we can do, but about second one we’ll see what we can do to bring $550 Netbook work more like double priced laptop.

Samsung NC-20 is build around Via components – 1.3Ghz Nano [Isaiah] Processor,VX800 chipset with integrated Chrome9 Video supporting DX9 and which officially supports up-to 4Gb of DDR2 Ram in two So-Dimms.

However Samsung chosen to implement only one memory slot, but is it means it’s limited only to 2gb?? I couldn’t find any evidence in ether way, but cnet source does mention such possibility.

VIA Nano CPU does support x64 bit instructions which makes it capable of running 64 bit OS and  There is a confirmed Windows 7 x64 bit beta OS install here, except the forum poster was unable to find right video driver therefore the video part was using default sluggish driver – It should be fixed soon (I hope)

So, as it right now – I’m cautiously optimistic about it – Just imagine the possibilities: 12” Ultra-portable laptop with 4gb memory, running 64 bit Windows 7 with Aero… [all for $700]

P.S: At time of writing this article 4Gb of laptop DDR2 memory can purchased as low as $140

Update: Scratch all above !!! Just found deal breaker -

HP Pavilion dv2-1030us NoteBook AMD Athlon Neo MV-40(1.60GHz) 12.1" Wide XGA 4GB Memory 320GB HDD 5400rpm DVD Super Multi ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3410 – Retail

Currently for $750 after rebate with dedicated ATI graphics and AMD 1.6Ghz Neo CPU, while NC20 is probably will have better battery life[reports mention up-to 7-8 hours], this HP kills NC20 in terms of performance easily.