How to identify ANY mysterious “PCI Device”

. Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I get a lot of request to assist people with different pcs – from self built white boxes, laptops and netbooks to help them to identify and install right drivers for the “PCI Device”

To really help yourself guys and girls, just do couple of simple steps before asking for help.

Open your device manager and look for details tab on than “PCI Device” (Check out for Sample here)
Write down Hardware ID Tab info (or copy/paste it) into site below:

In example above note the first line:

In this specific example there is a hint, Windows was able to guess it’s Multimedia-audio controller, but lets do more scientific approach.

VEN stands for vendor and numbers after underscore are 1106. Quick search in database reveals its VIA Technology, but device search is even more detailed – 3059 – Notice the third line from top (Vendor ID 0x1106 – Via Technology). Also take a note of 3 last entries mentioning AC’97 Audio controller, since it’s probably what we looking for anyhow, but lets not jump the horse yet.

Click on the vendor name links and just scroll down till you find your device id (or just search for it :)

and there you go, device ID 0x3059 refers to VIA South Bridge VT8235.

VIA provides special website for drivers/final users support – and few clicks – Drivers/Audio brings us to this page – and right there second line from top is our here – VT8235 or as Via calls it - VIA Vinyl Audio.