Intruducing OpenFiler

. Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey Guys,

Wow, I didn’t posted anything new since August – Damn - I’m lazy :-)

I already mentioned FreeNas/OpenFiler software in some of older my posts about low cost DIY NAS boxes, but I guess its about time I try it myself in real environment.

Long story short, our IT director have decided to migrate all servers to blade system, so this leaving us with spare regular “old-school” servers, most of them proliant DL360 and DL380.
One particular one –DL380 G3 which used to be company’s central SQL, now was standing idle for few months or so, but Now time have come for the big – REPURPOSE !!

Original plan was to install Windows 2008 server, but after half day spent I gave up on this idea. Lack : DVD drive, 64bit support and no official drivers support was the final nail in coffin (I did managed to initiate install from pre-existing 2003, but past-install OS never could complete the boot)

Going back to 2003 server just seemed way to plain vanilla boring.

I said to my boss – Lets try OpenFiler – and he said – fire away !!

Today and later on I’d like to share some of my experiences and discoveries thru this mini-project from standpoint of mostly windows systems admin. Yea – I support ESX and Netapp – but most of command line changes are done by vendor’s support stuff :)

I promise to post soon about the install process.